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Seasonal Variation of Employment in Wyoming
by: Valerie Davis, Senior Statistician

S easonal variation(1) in employment is shown in the Map. Youth and others who are interested in summer employment can see that several counties would be good places to work in the summer; Teton and Park Counties, for example. Those individuals who are interested in year-round employment would have a tougher time in finding a county to work in. However, there are counties that show less seasonal variation, like Albany and Laramie.

Further information, such as the major industries in each county, can be obtained from the new publication, Wyoming 1997 Annual Covered Employment and Wages. Call Research & Planning at (307) 473-3807 for a copy. The Internet version is already available at: http://lmi.state.wy.us/97202pub/97toc.htm.

1 Seasonal percent change (variation) was calculated by subtracting first quarter 1997 data (the first quarter of the year generally shows the least employment over the year) from third quarter 1997 data (the third quarter of the year generally shows the most employment over the year), then dividing that result by third quarter 1997 employment and finally multiplying by 100.

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