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Wyoming Wage Record Summary Statistics Update
by: Norman Baron, Economist

Based on the numbers for second quarter 1997 and 1998, there was an increase in jobs and Social Security Numbers (SSNís) over the year (see the Table). The number of jobs increased by 2.6 percent and the SSNís increased by 2.2 percent. This is a slow-down in the percent increase in jobs and SSNís over first quarter which had a 2.7 percent increase in jobs and 2.3 percent in SSNís. The percent increase in total wages is up over the first quarter, with second quarter increasing by 7.3 percent and first quarter by 6.5 percent. The preliminary data for third quarter in 1997 and 1998 shows a loss in the percent increase in jobs (-2.7%) and in SSNís (-1.7%), but an increase in total wages (3.5%).

General Definitions

Total (or Average) Jobs - Total (or average) number of jobs (records).
1992 Participation - The number of individuals who worked in 1992 who also worked in any successive quarter.
Total SSN's - Total number of unique individuals found in this quarter.
One Job - Those individuals who had one and only one job in this quarter.
Two Jobs - Those individuals who had two and only two jobs in this quarter.
Three Jobs - Those individuals who had three and only three jobs in this quarter.
Four or More Jobs - Those individuals who had four or more jobs in this quarter.
Total by Jobs - The sum of all jobs. Used for checking data entry.
Count of SSN's - The number of individuals by total and by jobs.
Percent of Total SSNís - The row percent of the count of individuals under the count column.
Total Wages - The sum of all wages for each category listed under the job rows.
Percent of Total Wages - The row percent of the total wages.
Mean Wages per Quarter - The average wages per quarter for each category of jobs. Calculated by dividing the total wages by the count of individuals.
Number of Jobs per SSN - The number of jobs per individual. Calculated by taking the total number of jobs divided by the total number of individuals.
Total Unique SSN's to Date - A running total of unique individuals to date. For example, from first quarter 1992 to third quarter 1998 there were 572,225 individuals.
New SSN's this Quarter (or Year) - The total of unique individuals not found on any other previous quarter (or year) to date.
Percent Change over Previous Year/Quarter - The percent change over the previous year/quarter (for example, the percent change from first quarter 1997 to first quarter 1998).

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