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Steady Worker Same Employer Category by County 1998
by: Norman Baron, Economist

The article "A New Perspective of Wyoming’s Labor Market Through Wage Records" discusses the distribution of the Wyoming Wage Record Classification System categories across the ten major industries. The Map examines the distribution of one of these categories, Steady Worker Same Employer (SWSE), across Wyoming’s 23 counties for 1998. It shows the percent of the total Wage Record employment attributable to each county for 1998 classified in the SWSE category.

No county designation can be assigned to 74,830 individuals, 25.4 percent of all Wage Record employment for 1998.1 However, nearly half (46.4%) of these individuals fit into the SWSE category.

Map: Percent in Steady Worker Same Employer Category by County 1998
Map:  Percent in Steady Worker Same Employer Category by County 1998

1 Wage Records is linked to the Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (QUI) database by the UI number in order to obtain the county in which the individual worked. In most cases, the QUI database lists each work site of a firm by this UI number and a unit number. If a firm has multiple work sites and these work sites are in more than one county, the master record for this firm contains a statewide or other noncounty designation. At this point, Research & Planning is only able to link Wage Records to this master record in the QUI database.

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