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2011 Publications from Research & Planning


Research & Planning produced a variety of reports and publications in 2011. Many are available in print, and all may be found online at For print copies, call (307) 473-3807 or e-mail or

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Wyoming Labor Force Trends

January 2011 through December 2011 Monthly publication with current employment, unemployment, employment growth, unemployment insurance claims, county and regional data, and analysis of workforce topics. 364
(12-month total)
Trends Issue Date Feature Articles
December 2011 Examining Nursing Employment in Wyoming through 2011Q1; Health Care Needs in Wyoming: Advancing the Study (Excerpt)
November 2011 An Overview of Wyoming’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund and Trust Fund Liability; Current Employment Statistics Preliminary Benchmark: Downward Revision to Construction Offsets Upward Revisions
October 2011 Detailed Covered Employment and Wages for First Quarter 2011: Modest Growth Continues
September 2011 An Introduction to Licensed Occupations in Wyoming; Comparison of Current Employment Statistics (CES) Estimates to Short-Term Employment Projections; Long-Term Unemployment in Wyoming and the U.S.
August 2011 Training for What? Part 5: Examining the Gender Wage Gap Among New Hires in Wyoming’s Manufacturing Industry; ARRA Dynamics in the Labor Market: Part 2
July 2011 Training for What? Part 3: Skills and Training Needs in Wyoming’s Manufacturing Industry; Training for What? Part 4: Skills Needs in Manufacturing; Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries: Wyoming Occupational Fatalities Rise in 2010; Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages: Detailed Covered Employment and Wages for Fourth Quarter 2010: Job Gains and Payroll Growth Indicate Economic Recovery
June 2011 Training for What? Part 1: Manufacturing Sector in Wyoming Small but Growing; Training for What? Part 2: New Hires and Occupational Projections in Wyoming’s Manufacturing Industry; ARRA Dynamics in the Labor Market
May 2011 Occupational Projections: Most Jobs Require On-the-Job Training; Industry Projections: Growth Expected in Most Sectors; Departure of Workers Creates Significant Job Openings; R&P Discontinues Publication of Employment by Industry Data
April 2011 Detailed Covered Employment and Wages for Third Quarter 2010: Mining Leads Payroll Growth; Federal Expenditures in Wyoming: Still an Important Part of the State’s Economy
March 2011 Wyoming New Hires: Examining the Wage Gap; Wyoming Mass Layoff Events Decline Slightly in 2010
February 2011 New Hires in Wyoming: An In-Depth Analysis; Survey Captures Data on Wyoming New Hires; Information from the New Hires Survey; Current Employer Job Candidate Search Practices: A Review of the Literature; Job Search Practices of the Unemployed; Results of the Baseline Survey
January 2011 Detailed Covered Employment and Wages for Second Quarter 2010: Growth in Total Payroll Resumes; Alternative Measures of Labor Underutilization Revisited; Examining Benefits in Wyoming; Quarterly Benefits Analysis; Calculation of Workers’ Compensation Claims: A Methodological Note

News Releases

Labor Force Estimates – January 2011 through December 2011 Updates on the labor force in Wyoming, including employment growth by industry as well as statewide and county unemployment rates.
Quarterly Covered Employment and Wages Employment and payroll news by industry and county, updated quarterly.
Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries
and Illnesses
Wyoming occupational fatality rates by industry.
Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses, including incidence rates by industry and details of the cases with days away from work.

Other Publications

Topic and Title Description Pages URL
Wyoming’s Short-Term (2010-2012) and Long-Term (2010-2020) Industry and Occupational Projections; Statewide/All Industries by Occupation, Major Industries by Occupation, and Sub-state Regions by Occupation Long-term and short-term projections for Wyoming employment by occupation for 2010 to 2020 and 2010 to 2012. Projections are now available for occupations by industry and for Wyoming’s sub-state regions.
Wyoming Wage Survey 2010 Occupational wage data for Wyoming at the statewide, county, and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) levels. 68
Earnings in Wyoming by County, Industry, Age, & Gender Provides wage and salary earnings by demographics from 1992 to 2010.
Energy Efficiency
Occasional Paper No. 5: ARRA Labor Market Dynamics An overview of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as it pertains to the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Research & Planning section and the Rocky Mountain and Northern Plains Consortium. 74
A Change in Course: Jobs in the Regulatory Environment A look at how energy efficiency innovations need to be evaluated for their potential environmental impact and whether they will need to be regulated. 28
New Hires Survey Results from the New Hires Survey from 2009Q4 to 2010Q3, including wages, benefits, hours, and more.
Other Publications
A Guide to Licensed Occupations in Wyoming, Fall 2011 This publication includes detailed information on 96 occupations in Wyoming that require licenses, certificates, or other registration. 218
Wyoming Career Explorer 2011 A guide for students and jobseekers in Wyoming. 44
Wyoming Benefits Survey 2010 Examines the benefits that Wyoming employers are offering their employees. 38