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Latest Occupational Wage Data Now Available

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The most recent occupational wage data for Wyoming are now available for statewide, regional, and county levels at

These data are from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program, which provides employment and wage estimates by area and by industry for wage and salary workers in 22 major occupational groups and nearly 800 detailed occupations. Wage data have been updated to the March 2012 Employment Cost Index (ECI).

Table 1

Of the 15 highest paying occupations in Wyoming, 11 were health care professionals, 3 were management occupations and 1 was in sales (see Table 1). These occupations have a total employment of 2,160, less than 1.0% of the statewide total of 272,570. The wages for these occupations ranged from $51.72 to $125.38 an hour, a difference of $73.66.

The 15 lowest paying occupations in Wyoming were in food preparation and serving related (9), personal care and service (3), building cleaning (1), and construction occupations (2). The lowest paying occupations had a much smaller wage spread than the highest paying occupations. The wages for these 15 occupations range from $8.53 to $9.78 an hour, a difference of just $1.25.

Table 2

The 15 lowest-paying occupations accounted for 7.1% (19,230) of the state's total employment. Waiters & waitresses was one of the top 10 highest employing occupations for Wyoming, with 4,690. This occupation was also one of the top 10 highest employing occupations in the U.S. (see Table 2).

Occupational profiles for all occupations and states are available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at

The Employment Cost Index website can be found at: