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Research & Planning


Occasional Papers

Occasional Paper No. 8

The Education and Work Experience of Youth in Wyoming’s Counties


Published February 2016.

Occasional Paper No. 7

Occasional Paper No. 7: Teacher Salaries in Wyoming

benefits11_cover (13K)

Published April 2014.

Occasional Paper No. 6

Health Care Workforce Needs in Wyoming: Advancing the Study


News Release

Published January 2012

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Demographics and Health Care
  • Chapter 3. State and Local Health Care Shortages
  • Chapter 4. Projected Demand and Health Care Shortages
  • Chapter 5. Commuting Impacts on Health Care
  • Appendix A. Licensed Professional Data
  • Appendix B. Additional Tables and Charts

Occasional Paper No. 5

ARRA Labor Market Dynamics:

An Overview of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as it Pertains to the Wyoming Department of Employment Research & Planning Section and the Rocky Mountain and Northern Plains Consortium


  • Introduction: Definition and Purpose of Labor Market Information and ARRA Grant of 2009
  • Chapter 1. Definition(s) of "Green" Jobs
  • Chapter 2. A Review of Alternative Energy and Environmental Enhancement Technologies
  • Chapter 3. State Level Legislation Regarding Energy Efficient Technologies
  • Chapter 4. Legislation and Regulatory Landscape Regarding Energy Efficient Technologies
  • Chapter 5. Results of the Baseline Survey
  • Chapter 6. A Summary of the New Hires Survey
  • Chapter 7. Text Mining Analysis of the New Hires Survey
  • Chapter 8. Wyoming IMPLAN Analysis of ARRA Spending
  • Appendix A: Baseline Survey Cover Letter and Survey Instrument
  • Appendix B: Brochure
  • Appendix C: Survey Instrument
  • Appendix D: Wyoming Community Colleges and University of Wyoming Environmental Programs of Study Offered

Occasional Paper No. 4

Outlook 2010 Revisited: Wyoming’s Labor Market at Mid-Decade (issued May 2006)

Occasional Paper No. 4

Occasional Paper No. 4 (PDF).

  • Statewide Nonagricultural Employment by Industry
  • Covered Employment and Wages for Third Quarter 2005: Double-Digit Growth in Total Payroll
  • Industries and Occupations Projected to Grow or Decline in the Short Term and Over the Next Decade
  • Industries and Occupations With a Demand for Skilled Workers
  • Tools for Identifying Critical Occupations
  • Registered Nurses in Wyoming: Do Occupational Projections Accurately Depict the Projected Employment Change?
  • Subsidized Training: Wyoming Hospitality Alliance Mentoring Program Preliminary Report
  • Using O*NET to Identify Skill Needs for the Available, Critical, and Projected Jobs
  • Current and Projected Demographics of the Labor Pool
  • Baseline Population Projections
  • Reallocation of the Workforce Through In-Migration
  • Labor Retention: Out-Migration of Youth

Back Issues

Occasional Paper No. 3

    Workforce Development Training Fund Evaluation at the Macro and Micro Levels (issued May 2005)

    • Overview of Employers Utilizing the Workforce Development Training Fund
    • Labor Market Outcomes of Workforce Development Training Fund Participants

Occasional Paper No. 2

    An Analysis of Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Monetary Eligibility, 1993 and 2003 (issued January 2005)

Occasional Paper No. 1

    Evaluation of Federal Training & Education Programs (issued October 2004)

    • Examining Workforce Investment Act Programmatic Outcomes
    • A Comparison of Employment and Enrollment Outcomes Based on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Eligibility


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