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Occasional Paper No. 1

Examining Workforce Investment Act Programmatic Outcomes

October 2004


Table 11: Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Participantsa Who Had a Successfulb Outcome
Participation Group Number Percentage
Adults 132 60.8
Dislocated Workers 72 65.5
Total 204 62.4
aIncludes participants whose termination quarter was during WIA Program Year 2001.
bIndividuals received a success rating if they met any of the following criteria: (1) enrolled in a Wyoming community college after exit from the
WIA program, (2) their earnings increased more than the average Comparison group increase ($800), (3) their turnover rate decreased by more
than the average for the Comparison group (.0009%), or, (4) gained post-program employment in an industry that typically pays a
living-wage to employees (Harris, 2003).

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