UI Division Privacy Policy


Is the information I provide secure?

While nothing can be 100% guaranteed, the State of Wyoming and Department of Workforce Services have taken every precaution to make certain that your information is as secure as possible. Between your computer and our server, all data will be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer technology. Information about prior claims and wage information will not be made available to the Internet server.

What do you mean by "final"?

Any issue on your claim is final once it has been determined by a deputy, notice has been mailed, and all protest or appeal time periods have been exhausted. An initial determination is final unless a party entitled to notice applies for redetermination or appeals the determination within fifteen (15) days after notice is mailed to his last known address of record. Wyoming statutes sections 27-3-402 to 27-3-407 (see Title 27, Chapter 3) contain more information about the time requirements for protest and appeals.

Will the information I provide be released to anyone else?

State of Wyoming statutes have very rigid requirements about who can disclose or access any unemployment insurance information. These same requirements will be applied to Internet claims as are required with in-person and other claims. Nothing will be disclosed by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services concerning your Internet claim except as provided under the Wyoming statutes. Wyoming Statute 27-3-603 (see Title 27, Chapter 3) requires that "Except as otherwise provided, information maintained pursuant to this act shall not be disclosed in a manner which reveals the identity of the employing unit or individual". Wyoming Statute 27-3-607 (see Title 27, Chapter 3) details the required and allowed disclosure limitations. Certain information about claims must be disclosed to certain Federal and State agencies: Health and Human services, State and local Child Support Enforcement agencies, U.S. Dept of Agriculture and Food Stamp agencies, Public Housing agencies, and the New Hire directory. Information may also be disclosed to certain other Federal and State agencies in the course of official business.


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