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Before you access online unemployment services you should create a new State of Wyoming Online Services user account by clicking the New User button. You will be taken to the Wyoming Online Services site. This is a one-time process.

If you have already created a Wyoming Online Services user account (you may have when accessing other State of Wyoming sites), click the Returning User button.

IMPORTANT: New state regulations require that Wyoming claimants also register for work on wyomingatwork.com. Registering for work will include three items:
  1. Creating a new or updated resumé on wyomingatwork.com, and
  2. Creating a new Job Alert using Virtual Recruiter on wyomingatwork.com, and
  3. Completing an activity at least every 90 days to keep the account active
If you don't complete these steps, you will not receive benefit payments. The intent of this new state law is to help you get a job faster. There are 21 Workforce Centers located across Wyoming that can help you with this if you need assistance.

Don't have a State of Wyoming Online Services user account? You can sign in to our system after you've created a user account.

You can use your existing State of Wyoming Online Services user account to sign in and access Unemployment Services.

If you do not want to create a user account, you can submit a claim using Guest Access. As a guest, if you exit the application before completing your claim, any information you entered will be discarded.


Email or call us at (307) 473-3789 with comments, suggestions, or problems regarding this site. Do not send confidential information as your email will not be encrypted.