Framework for the Analysis of Labor Dynamics with Administrative Records      
         (Behavioral) Dynamic    
    Interactions:   Interactions:    
Unit of Analysis:  Individual   Workforce Development System   Market   Unit of Analysis:  Firm  
  Variable Type   (A)Formal Systems   (1)Industry Use   Variable Type   
Level of Analysis   Time Space     Hi Turnover      Hi Retention   Time Space Level of Analysis
       UI   Lo Utilization    Hi Utilization      
    Education / Training      
    1 Stop*        
    Economic Development        
Individual   Hi Use                  Lo Use       Firm
Characteristics         Characteristics
      (2)Individual Use      
  Cohort Analysis     Enter from           Exit to   Cohort Analysis  
  Goal/Strategy     Hi Market Attachment   Goal/Strategy    
Demographic         Industry
Segment Obtaining   (B)Informal Networks     Obtaining Human Segment*
  a living       Resources  
Social Group (minimize    Neighborhood structure   (3)Geo-community Use   (minimize cost) Industry
  cost)   Ethnicity            Firm/Individual     Cluster
Client Group   Community   In-Migration      Out-Migration    
UI Claimant* Multiple job holding   Association/Fraternal Organ            Market Survival Retention (pay, benefit, training) Client Group
TANF   Class   Birth                          Death   Policies


Small Business
Student* Job Changing   Interlocking Directorates     Recruitment (SBA)
(Carl/Perkins) Obtaining   Vertically Integrated Corporates     Strategies  
  Training     Earnings by Industry,       
Population     Age, Gender     Total Market
                       Communications   Obtaining Information    
*Funding for analysis   dynamic mediated by WFD (e.g Sec 122d) and market signals                                             Start Here
Start Here  
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