These tables compare the mean and median annual wage for K-12 non-teaching staff to private sector and state government that have employment in the same occupations for 2008 to 2010.  

The May 2010 Occupation Employment and Wage table was presented by Dr. Christiana Stoddard in the Joint Education Committee meeting held on October 18, 2011. The meeting summary is below along with the minutes from Dr. Christiana Stoddard’s presentation.  

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The Joint Education Committee met to receive information related to the education resource block grant model, including a system for monitoring the cost pressures associated with the model. In addition, the Joint Education Committee met to receive information and take action related to the application of an external cost adjustment and a regional cost adjustment to the block grant model. The Committee also received reports from the Department of Audit related to audits conducted of funds received by Wyoming school districts. The University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Community College Commission also presented information on college readiness, retention, and remediation to the Committee. Lastly, Superintendent Cindy Hill and the Department of Education spoke to the Committee about the 2010-2011 Resource Allocation Study Update and the implementation of the 16-to-1 student-teacher ratio imposed by statute.

 Cost System Indicators and External Cost Adjustment

Legislative Service Office (LSO) staff addressed the Committee regarding the monitoring process of the education block grant model in reference to the cost of the model between model recalibrations. LSO explained its recommendation as outlined in Appendix 5 and the overall process for monitoring the cost basis of the model over time. The Committee then moved on to discussion of the cost pressure indicators for non-teaching staff and the role that this monitoring plays in the overall monitoring of the block grant model and wages in the state of Wyoming. This information was presented by Dr. Christiana Stoddard. Dr. Stoddard concluded that there is little pressure on the teacher labor in Wyoming as demonstrated by the various indicators she reviewed. She indicated that there is little difficulty in recruiting and retaining teachers and educational personnel in Wyoming. Dr. Stoddard addressed the exit rates associated with teachers and other educational personnel in Wyoming. Generally speaking, the exit rates have remained relatively constant and stable, with the exception of the professional staff personnel, which have experienced some fluctuation and are increasing. She suggested continued monitoring of this category specifically. In her conclusions, Dr. Stoddard indicated that average annual wages for K-12 employees exceed those for state or private employees for most administrators, professional staff, classified staff and related aide positions. In addition, she indicated that the average annual wages for K-12 employees are lower than the private sector for chief executives, registered nurses and computer technicians positions. Co-chairman Coe inquired about the benefits implications in this discussion. Dr. Stoddard indicated that this information is likely available from the work of the Hayes Group, but stated it was not a task she was requested to perform. The Committee thanked Dr. Stoddard for her presentation and moved on to discussions of the external cost adjustment.