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Research & Planning Staff Directory

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(part of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services)

A list of current Research & Planning staff follows, with e-mail addresses included. Some staff have also provided brief biographies of 
their work with R&P! 

General Comments or Questions
Nancy Brennan, Senior Economist
David Bullard, Senior Economist
Carola Cowan, Bureau of Labor Statistics Programs Supervisor
Katelynd Faler, Senior Economist
Kathy Fischer, Temporary Worker
Tom Gallagher, Manager
Tony Glover, Workforce Information Supervisor
Matthew Halama, Economist
Deana Hauf, Senior Statistician
Tiffany Horn, Survey Technician
Lisa Knapp, Senior Research Analyst
Patrick Manning, Principal Economist
Christine McGrath, Senior Statistician
Lynae Mohondro, Senior Research Analyst
Michael Moore, Editor
Carol Toups, Senior Statistician
Sherry (Yu) Wen, Principal Economist

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